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I am working to be a better trader everyday and work extremely hard in wealth building. This blog is my trading journal. As simple as that.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Writing for Better- Trading Blog

I will be contributing my analysis work on Stocks and Futures to

Better Trading blog

Please visit the blog for more articles and charts

Have a profitable day.

(The trading Mushu)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

SIMSCI Futures View ended 02-June-2006

This is daily chart of SIMSCI futures.There was a rebound last friday 02-June-2006. However, SIMSCI futures off from the day high of 288.5 and closed below previous day's high. It continuously moving within the downtrend channel. And in fact, immediate resistance appears to be at 289.5.
From directional analysis, sentiment is negative, however it has yet to reach extreme bearish state. It is likely to continue moving within the downtrend channel. No reversal sign of current trend is observed at this point of time.

I will be writing specific day trading opportunity in Better-Trading Blog.

(The trading Mushu)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

SIMSCI view ended 31-May-2006

Before the start of a new trading day, I am looking at daily chart of daily chart of SIMSCI futures. This is daily chart ended 31-May-2006, a negative month for SG market. A gap down yesterday just fulfill my channel view. SIMSCI is consistently moving within the downtrend channel. I see immediate support at 277 area while immediate resistance is found at 290 area.
Overnight rebound at U.S market does not give me a strong bullish feeling yet. It might lift up SIMSCI today, however, the strenght is in doubt.

I will be writting specific trading journal for Better Trading Blog.

(The trading Mushu)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SIMSCI daily chart snapshot

This is daily chart ended yesterday (29-May-2006). It is a nice picture of correction. After touching upper channel, it retreats. The main support is at 200-day moving average. I would prefer to concentrate on short site instead of hoping bull run comes back. Trade with the fact is more realiable.

I will be writing specific intraday trading for Better Trading Blog.

Have a profitable day

(The trading Mushu)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

SIMSCI & HangSeng 29-May-2006


This is daily chart of HangSeng Futures. Bearish sentiment is still dominating with small improvement. Resistance is found at area of 16330. No significant signs of correction completion.


This is daily chart of SIMSC. Directional analysis shows that bearish sentiment is still dominating but with low ADX value which indicates low trend strength. Bullish sentiment is at low but starts ticking up.
Moving average analysis wise, short term trend is still staying below long term trend , however, it starts ticking up from bottom as well. Market sentiment is still negative with slight improvement is observed.
From price action, as shown in the chart, SIMSCI is still moving within the recent downtrend channel. However, it has reached upper channel band.
These observations give me a feeling of short term rally is on its way while it is too early to conclude current correction is completed and uptrend will resume.

I am day trading SIMSCI. Specific trading strategy and analysis will be posted in
Better Trading blog.

Have a profitable.

(The trading Mushu)
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